Stability 15 – Our contribution to the evolution of the industry

The UK fishing industry recognizes the value that digitalization brings to the evolution of processes in the market. This is why one of the most important fishing publications, Hook and Net, chooses to confirm the innovative value of our newest project, S15.

This well documented article paints a comprehensive picture of the reasons and experience behind our decision to launch the Stability 15 project and explains to the general audience the benefits of this shift in paradigm.

‘GLO Marine’s approach is radically different, with everything done online. Using the online tool requires just a few moments to set up and the entire process of entering the vessel data takes only fifteen minutes. Once the information is in place and the final button on the interface has been clicked, it’s a three day process before the client receives the completed stability documents.’ writes the article.

In our continuous quest to bring value to the industry, we used our know-how, experience and proactive approach to give birth to our innovative project, S15– a digital stability calculations platform for vessels under 15 m. Evolution in technology inspired us to implement strategic technology trends in order to support the business, save time and therefore, money. Now we can only count on people in the industry to embrace change and development.

See more about our project in the full article.

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