Our engineers are proficient in both Aveva Marine and Nupas Cadmatic. We have hands-on comprehensive experience in design for major international shipyards and different types of vessels, including cruise vessels, fishing vessels, supply vessels, tugs, barges, and pipe layers.

Concept design

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Basic design

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Detailed design

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  • Concept design

  • Basic design

  • Detailed design

Concept Design

The Concept Design will be developed in close co-operation with our client, to ensure that different options are explored and the best ones are chosen for basic design stage.

Shipdesign Service

What we do

    • Discovery stage to establish design concept and style

    • Main design features & preliminary GA

    • Lines and Appendages Plan

    • Speed & Power calculations

    • Load Line Calculations & Cargo and Tanks Capacities

    • Main Equipments

    • Basic Construction Details

    • Weight Estimation & Hydrostatic and Stability Calculations

Our experience

What we did so far

  • completed projects

  • 2 international clients

  • 1000 workhours




Basic Design

In this stage GLO MARINE prepares all required drawings and documentations in line with the latest rules and regulations for submission to classification society or any other authority.

Shipdesign Service

What we do

  • Basic Design

    • Hull form design and optimization

    • Class steel drawings, scantling calculations, foundation design, FEM

    • Structural design, Capacity plan, Intact & Damage stability

    • Deck systems and machinery arrangements

    • Piping and instrumentation diagrams

    • Accomodation, HVAC layouts and plans

    • Interior Design drawings

    • Safety and Navigation equipments

    • 3D hull model

Our experience

What we did so far

  • 2 completed projects

  • 3 clients

  • More than 1500 workhours




Detail Design

We offer a comprehensive package of Detail Design services developed in either Aveva Marine or Nupas, always tailored to shipyard’s capabilities and standards.

Shipdesign Service

What we do

  • Detail Design

    • Detailed 3D models (hull and outfitting)

    • Workshop drawings following shipyard's methodologies & standards

    • Nesting details and Assembly Drawings

    • Cutting files for plates and profiles including material lists

Our experience

What we did so far

  • More than 10 significant projects completed

  • 4 large international clients

  • More than 25000 working hours