New sea chest integration on board semisubmersible barge

Initial on-board survey → 3D scan → Feasibility → Technical deliverables

Installation procedure → Installation schedule → Overall project management

New sea chest integration on board semisubmersible barge


Malin Abram



Ship Type

Semisubmersible barge


Lloyds Register


3D scan, Feasibility, Engineering & Class Approval, Installation

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Client context

Formed in 1899, Malin Abram are experts in heavylift and marine transport, supporting clients in the defence, renewables, oil and gas and infrastructure markets across the globe with heavy-lift project cargo shipping and handling.

They offer project management expertise in the area of transportation, as well as a full range of technical services.

Malin Abraham have chosen to upgrade the ballast system on board the CD01 semisubmersible barge, to add a high Sea chest, to allow the safe grounding of the barge during operations. 

The Challenge

The project brief required the integration of a new sea chest, placed high on the hull of the CD01, to allow for safe grounding operations. The design and integration were to be executed against a fixed milestone which marked the beginning of a new campaign for the CD01.

The challenge involved multiple complex stages, starting with an initial inspection and an accurate 3D laser scan. Securing approval for all drawings from Lloyd’s Register and creating detailed material lists required strict compliance and precision. The project culminated in crafting a thorough installation procedure and scheduling for implementation in Rotterdam.

GLO Marine played an important role in managing all stakeholders and communicating efficiently back and forth between project phases to maximise the utilisation of the project window.


The work to be done

project phases

  • Initial on-board survey
  • 3D Laser scan
  • Quality & Compliance criteria
  • Technical deliverables
  • Installation Procedure
  • Installation schedule
  • Engineering & class approval
  • Overall project management


Involvement of GLO Marine throughout the project stages


Feasibility Study

GLO Marine carried out the engineering work behind the integration of the new sea chest against the Lloyds Register rules and provided the initial Survey Report to Client, during the first design checkpoint, for review and final approval, prior to entering into the Class approval stage.


Class Approval

GLO Marine updated all Class approval documentation to capture all design modifications and system operability and, managed the interaction with Class closely to obtain final approval, according to schedule.

Our team of designers moved into the detailed design stage to produce the drawings and all MTOs required for the fabrication and installation of the new Sea Chest and Ballast Piping System together with any associated modifications.


Installation Procedure

Our dedicated Project Manager carefully laid out all installation works over the 24 days installation window, with clear KPIs for each day and handed over the project plan to Malin Abram, for final review and comments. The major challenge during the installation phase is managing all stakeholders, Class, pre-fabrication workshop and installation berth, making sure that all berthing utilities are readily available and deployable within short notice, to avoid unforeseen delays.


End of delivery

The Outcomes

final results

  • Engineering delivered and Class approved with no comments
  • Estimation of project cost, including prefabrication, shipping and installation
  • Installation procedure and planning according to vessel schedule

Malin Abram have reached their goal of integrating the new high sea chest on board the CD01, making the vessel more versatile, to allow the safe grounding of the vessel during operation.

They have expressed their extreme satisfaction towards GLO Marine’s technical capabilities, whilst at the same time appreciating GLO’s ability to visualise complex scenarios and accurately plan the complete set of works of a retrofit, from design to installation.


In our client’s words

"Thank you for your professionalism and coherence in running this project!"