Installation of mezzanine deck for diving equipment

Installation of mezzanine deck for diving equipment on board

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Client context

For more than 45 years, our client has supported the international oil & gas companies with a holistic range of services across all areas of the Northern Africa. 

Our client’s goal is to provide their clients with outmost quality of services and products, whilst respecting ethics and legislations. 

At the brink of a new offshore campaign with a large Offshore operator,our client, was in the lookout for an engineering company to assist them with the design, fabrication and installation of a mezzanine deck for ROV/diving equipment. 

The Problem

The project aimed to add a mezzanine deck on the OSV  for diving equipment mobilization, facing a tight deadline before an offshore campaign.

It required overlapping project phases from design to installation, demanding strong project management and clear work packages. GLO Marine was key in coordinating stakeholders (Class, workshop, shipper, yard) and ensuring seamless communication for optimal schedule use.

Managing all phases together and interdisciplinary collaboration were crucial for success in this time-sensitive project.


The work to be done

project phases

  • structural design and assessment of new mezzanine deck
  • class documentation and class approval
  • engineering and production drawings (with MTOs)
  • prefabrication of deck structure in local workshop
  • shipping and logistics: delivery of mezzanine deck structure to installation yard
  • installation guide and schedule, to minimise installation times
  • installation supervision in yard with daily progress reports. 


Involvement of GLO MARINE throughout the project stages


Design and Engineering

GLO Marine carried out the mezzanine deck design work against DNV Rules for classification of ships and provided a layout for equipment positioning within one week from project award. Our team proposed a very smart solution for the ROV equipment arrangement, with the purpose of keeping the deck utilisation at its maximum capacity.

Our structures team, employed Nauticus Hull – 3D Beam to complete the  structural calculations, including fastening and welding details.

This information was then passed on to our design team, which developed the structural drawings for Class approval and the detailed drawings with final MTOs. At this point, the structure was divided in three modules to allow the prefabrication phase to overlap with the design and engineering phase.



The MTOs and detailed drawings were submitted to workshop for prefabrication. Our surveyors have closely supervised the prefabrication phase to make sure that all design features have been followed through and the end product is error free and fit for purpose.

At the same time, all material, quality and welders’ certificates have been made available to the client for confirmation. ​Once the prefabrication phase was completed, our team made sure that the mezzanine deck structure will be delivered timely to destination shipyard.  



Our dedicated Project Manager carefully laid out all installation works over the 20 days installation window, with clear KPIs for each day and handed over the project plan to our Installation Supervisor, who boarded the ship and led yard’s team of workers.

During installation, our on-board Installation Supervisor reported the real progress made against the forecasted schedule, at the end of each day, information which was shared with the client for transparency and clarity.


End of delivery

The outcomes

Final results

  • Engineering delivered and Class approved in record time​
  • Modularised design to simplify prefabrication, shipping and installation. ​
  • Installation within the designated window achieved​
  • Successful collaboration between disciplines allowed for a 20% reduction in execution schedule

Our client has reached their very ambitious goal to engage the Pan Tamara in the new offshore campaign from the 15th of November 2023, as originally planned.

They have expressed their extreme satisfaction towards GLO Marine’s technical capabilities, as well as the transparent and open communication, which fostered a positive working relationship.

The client remains a close partner to GLO Marine, and the two parties are exploring new collaboration avenues together.

Client testimonial​

What our client says about the project

"The services rendered were excellent with full attention to all our details and requirements. Furthermore, I would like to highlight the effective communication and collaboration throughout the entire process. Your team kept us well-informed at every stage, addressing our concerns promptly and providing valuable insights that contributed to the overall success of the project."


Marine Director