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We deliver a turnkey solution for
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Our extensive engineering experience and close collaborations with system suppliers guarantee a streamlined process & an end-to-end solution for any retrofit project.

We take care of everything from equipment selection to design and commissioning.

3D Scanning & feasibility

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Ballast Water Treatment System

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Design & Engineering

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Class interaction & commissioning

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Installation support

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  • 3D Scanning & feasibility

  • Ballast Water Treatment System

  • Design & Engineering

  • Class interaction & commissioning

  • Installation support

3D Scanning & feasibility

GLO Marine operates its own specialised team of engineers and marine surveyors dedicated to performing 3D laser scans and surveys for retrofits and conversion projects. We use FARO 3D technology to capture the "as-built" conditions of the vessel in 3D point cloud data and survey report - feasibility study for selected BWT system.

Ballast Water Treatment System

As an independent company, we have experience with most system suppliers and filtration methods. Our suitability study starts with a thorough analysis of the Client’s financial constraints and vessel’s operational and spatial limitations, to ensure that the end result is indeed the best system fit.

Design & Engineering

Once the point could has been generated and the ballast water treatment system components placed, we will proceed with the production drawings and Class documentation. Our design department will update all P&IDs for affected piping systems, electrical diagrams and heavy equipment foundations, thus delivering the engineering for both mechanical and electrical packages.

Class interaction & commissioning

Interaction with Class can sometimes be burdensome, but our engineers are proficient in this process and can communicate with clarity and on topic, thus speeding up the approval process.

Our work includes document controlling, submission of all documents to Class, correspondence with the approval center and final issue of approved documents to vessel owner.

Installation support

GLO Marine’s surveyors can attend the installation phase to defend the design and owner’s interests during dry-docking. Our objective is to ensure that the system is installed following the technical project, without exceptions, thus avoiding potentially unforeseen collisions and additional labour and material costs.

Semi-automated quotation tool

If you are a vessel owner or vessel manager looking for transparency when it comes to costing your Ballast Water Treatment System installation project, we have the right tool for you.

With our estimation tool you can find out the design & engineering cost, for all project stages (3D laser scanning & survey, class documentation and workshop drawings).

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Our experience

GLO Marine has been involved in more than 80 BWTS retrofit projects, helping shipowners become compliant with the latest international regulations. This experience helped us tailor our technical, planning and project management expertise accordingly, keeping projects on track, in scope and in budget.

As an independent retrofit partner, we have experience with most systems types: UV Radiation and Filtration, Electrolysis, Electro Chlorination etc, and producers: Optimarin, BIO-UV, Erma First, Alfa Laval, Ecochlor, Techcross, Hyundai, Wartsila.

    • BIO-UV

    • Optimarin

    • Ecochlor

    • Erma First

    • Techcross

    • Alfa Laval

    • 80+ BWTS projects

      40+ 3D Scans & Surveys

    • 2 teams for Survey &
      3D Laser Scanning

    • 30 engineers specialized in Machinery systems & Hull

    • Bulk Carrier

    • General Cargo

    • Container Vessel

    • Specialized Vessel

    • Chemical Tanker

    • Oil Tanker

    • Passenger Vessel

Water Sampling Tests for Ballast Water Treatment System Commissioning

GLO MARINE offers a commissioning testing solution that is fast, efficient and ensures that the vessel’s operations are not affected unnecessarily. We deliver water sampling for any type of BWTS.

Our teams can be anywhere in Europe in 2 days. Furthermore, our vast network of partners ensures that we will be able to support you with testing worldwide.

Please download the below guide for complete information on the water sampling process.
Download Guide

Our holistic approach
provides you with clarity and control

The installation of ballast water management systems needs to be done fast and in a reliable way.

Our integrated approach to design ensures clarity and efficiency over any retrofit project.
Being involved from preliminary analysis to installation supervision, we ensure that
the entire project is under control, thus offering our clients peace of mind.

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